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Fresh cheese production line

Advantages of Obram fresh cheese production line:

  • set of equipment in closed production circuit
  • running of multimoulds in closed circuit and automatic cleaning after each use
  • small production area - 200 m2
  • equal weight of each cheese
  • possibility to produce fresh white cheese in any shape
  • fully automatic (no human factor), fully hygienic production process reflects with long shelf life of the product
  • each stage of the technological process is controlled by PLC and entire production data is archived

OBRAM fresh Cheese production line consists of the following elements:
  • coagulation vats
  • columnar forming unit with whey draining belt 
  • presses
  • trays loading station
  • multimoulds turning unit
  • multimoulds emptying unit
  • multimoulds cleaning tunnel
  • multimoulds storage
  • multimoulds
  • multimoulds transport system