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CIP cleaning station


Configuration of CIP cleaning station:
  • acid solution insulated tank
  • alkaline solution insulated tank
  • rinsing water tank
  • post-rinsing water tank(optional)
  • temporary tank
  • pre-heating unit
  • concentration measurement and regulation system
  • dosing pumps

Each CIP cleaning line is independently equipped with: 
  •  detergent pre-heating and temperature control
  •  measurement and regulation of cleaning solution concentration on CIP return

CIP station provides flexibility of work based on parallel cleaning lines and high cleaning quality by following functios :
  •  possibility of detergent circulation through main tank
  •  concentration control and automatic dosing of cleaning solution
  •  full control of cleaning solution flow (on feeding and return)
  •  measurement of real cleaning time (excluding pre-heating time)
  •  full automatic cleaning process 

CIP range of functions :
  • Filling and regulation of solution levels in CIP tanks
  • Concentration control of working cleaning solutions
  • Temperature control of cleaning solutions:
  • Concentration control of returning cleaning solutions
  • CIP programming depending on character and size of selected circuits: 
             ....... time of each cleaning operation
             ....... temperature of cleaning

  • System is able to provide the acid treatment of lye tank
  • Flow control-detection of blocked flow inside the installation