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Innovatory system for the production of quark and short maturation cheeses.

The world’s most technically and technologically advanced installation for the production of traditional curd, which doesn’t need multimoulds and any associated equipment. Thanks to that, it provides to the producer unattainable previously opportunities such as:

  • cost reduction;
  • increased production rate;
  • strict control over process of forming and final product;
  • care for the environment.

Unique solutions used in this unit have been patented.

Important CHEESEFORMER’s features:

  • compact, sleek design dealing with a small area
  • forming and pressing one set of curd takes 20 seconds (significant shortening production time)
  • increasing the efficiency of equalization (minimize losses during production)
  • curd packing takes place directly after forming, “in warm” - at 35°C (better quality of product and longer expiration date)
  • minimization of people workload
  • several times lower consumption of water, steam, electricity and chemical agents
  • significant cut in emissions of waste water
  • smooth regulation of the weight of finished product with maintaining standard weight for the whole batch
  • underpressure pressing system enable adjusting the amount of water in the finished product and using 100% of whey for further processing
  • modular structure allows producer to adjust the machine’s efficiency to his needs and to develop it

CHEESEFORMER is the entire production line packed into one device!